Dear Moon Babies,

Today is the New Moon in Libra. We’ve just passed the Autumnal Equinox (Sep.23), where the world hangs in the balance between the lightest day and the darkest day. (Whether we’re gaining or losing light now depends on which hemisphere we live in). Libra season speaks to this balance, and the capacity in every human being to hold a middle ground. Following the integration and earthiness of Virgo season, Libra reminds us that we can hold more, that we can aim for more when we are grounded, and that variety and multiplicity can be some of life’s greatest pleasures.

The New Moon in Libra occurs at 2:26 PM EST, and as with any New Moon, it is an opportunity for us to set new intentions in keeping with the theme of the season, and to reflect on how this may progress for us in the next six months leading up to the full moon in the same sign (which for Libra will occur in the early Aries season). But this particular New Moon asks us to assess where we are coming from and where we are going, whether we are contributing to clarity or confusion in our own lives, and whether hanging in the balance is something that allows us to push ahead or actually leaves us stuck.


The astrology of this moment offers us an opportunity to move forward in pursuit of joy, love, connection, intimacy, and artistic beauty. As we move through the equinox transition, we look towards higher pursuits, aiming for more and expanding our understanding of ourselves and our relationships. There is a promise of more, but we have to believe it’s possible.

At the same time with this moon's astrology, we may have option paralysis, open to the vast possibility of what comes next in our lives as we move towards the solstice, but unable to think clearly or take action because there are too many open doors. With Libra, we take our cues from those around us. If others push forward, we are encouraged to do the same. We want to do what’s right and good in the world. But we fear pushing forward if we’re the only one. We fear stepping out of line and disrupting the comfortable harmony of following along with what makes everyone happy.

Meanwhile, we remember a time when we tried to act on what we believed to be right even if it went against the grain, and we were harmed for it. We remember how painful it can be to take a risk, to speak up for ourselves and for those who are invisible. Here is where we can easily become stuck with so much Libra energy – instead of moving from our past into our future, we hang in the balance between, afraid to take a risk because it may erupt into loss and suffering. We keep our relationships at a safe and comfortable distance in order to not feel the pain of our own inner worlds and see the underbelly of those we love.

We project only the ideas and images of ourselves that will receive praise and create harmony. But what happens to the parts of ourselves we try to hide that do not fit into this image? In relationships we may feel dissociative temptations lurking. Or, we may not feel them at all, but instead feel confused by how our circumstance plays out, as if we’ve had no part in it. Herein lies the passive tendency of Libra despite its Cardinal status, for we may feel like we are not in charge of our reality when we are keeping parts of ourselves out of the picture.

The way forward for us here is to remember hope. Hope is one of the single greatest human qualities, for it allows us to be resilient in the most challenging of times, and believe that we can create something new and better despite how much we’ve suffered. Libra asks us to realign our societal ideals around something more sustainable and right for the planet, otherwise the astrology of the moment promises great distress to our natural environment should we stay in the safety of our status quo. We must remember what we believe in, and let it guide us forward.

Information and options are fed to us all day long, which can often leave us confused and uncertain of how to act. So, take time on this Libra New Moon to get clear and focused, and use the supportive energy present to light the way forward. Hope can be found even in the darkest moments, and our closeness to one another can be a source of great joy and resilience here.

With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel