Dear Moon Babies,

This morning is the new moon in Virgo. Virgo season, every year, is a time where we start putting the pieces together, looking ahead to what's next, and gathering what we need to make that happen. It seems like no mistake to me that the start of the school year happens during Virgo season. This time offers us an opportunity to organize our lives, and begin to put the steps in motion for what our hearts desire. All that beautiful desire and inspiration that bubbles up in Leo season needs to be put into action now.


This new moon is a wonderful time to reflect on what that action might look like for you. What have you been dreaming of this past month? Where has your imagination led you? Do you feel fired up about something? Passionate about something or someone? Then what are you going to do about it?

The new moon is also sitting very close to Mars in the sky. So our action plan might come with a bit of extra fire - Mars in an empowered state gives us the force and drive we need to get things moving in this earthy realm. Mars can help us initiate a new plan, or stay focused long enough to see an old one through. One the other hand, the cruel side of Mars can burn everything up without discernment, can cause anger and aggravation, can cause accidents, separation, and other acts of force beyond our control.

If we are aware of our own Mars energy in life, we can make better use of these moments. Virgo wants to make sure we are putting everything to use and not creating any unnecessary waste, and I believe the same goes for planetary energy. We have to make use of our Mars. If we avoid our own anger, healthy self-assertion, drive to achieve, and boundaries, then we have no relationship to our Mars.

So this new moon is the perfect time to come into contact with that side of ourselves so that we can put it to use. Maybe there's something you've been meaning to do for a very long time. Maybe there's a project you've been trying to finish. Maybe you've been trying to clarify some muddy relationship waters. Maybe there are some things you need to figure out. New moon in Virgo with Mars on your side is the perfect time for it, and I hope you find it useful.

With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel