Dear Moon Babies,

Today is the new moon in cancer, and a solar eclipse. Every year this new moon occurs at the beginning of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) during cancer season, when the plants are in full bloom and the sun fills our day with an abundance of light and warmth. This one also marks the beginning of 'eclipse season,' as eclipses always come in groups a couple times a year.

In cancer season, I reflect on fullness. It is a sign of great extremes where we can experience the incredible joy and contentment of feeling filled up; with love from our loved ones, good food, clean water, cozy homes, satisfying work and a sense of productivity in our lives, purpose, and spiritual meaning. Cancer loves all of these things, and will go to great lengths to provide them for those they love, usually before providing for themselves. However, like every sign there is a spectrum. While these beautiful aspects of life can fill us up, we can feel painfully empty when they are missing. So cancer is also the sign where we can sometimes feel a bottomless pit of need, when we are unfulfilled. When we are in need of love, companionship, food, access to clean water, cozy homes, productive work and spiritual meaning.


We may find, on this new moon, that some of our cancerian needs are profoundly met right now. If you are reading this email, there's a good chance you have a home, nourishing food, and access to clean water. There's a good chance you have a whole lot more than that too. So I think of cancer also as a gratitude-oriented sign, where we feel with great depth a sense of thankfulness for the fullness in our lives. But we may find also, on this new moon, that some of our needs are unmet. And we may become particularly attuned to all the unmet basic needs of others in the world. We may feel that bottomless emotional need, the hungry terrifying one, that seems to never be satiated no matter how much work and care we put in.

Cancer strives to protect and sometimes hide that deep, hungry need. It is a sign that will drop everything to be there for a loved one, but fail to make visible the ways in which they are also struggling. They will protect their vulnerability as avidly as they protect others. But how can our unfulfilled needs ever change if they do not see the light of day? Cancer urges us to open up to those we can trust.

New moons are usually a wonderful time to set an intentions, but eclipses tend to disrupt things. So I would say this new moon is more of a time to witness what's shaking loose in your life. Maybe you will learn something about the places where you feel fulfilled in your life, and the places where you feel unending need. Maybe you will learn about your self-protective habits, so familiar they happen before we even have a moment to pause and think. Maybe you will find a deep state of caring and generosity, surrounding yourself with all your favourite people, and maybe you will need a few days alone eating snacks in bed. Anything is possible during an eclipse!

With gentle cancer love,



AuthorAerin Fogel