Dear moon babies,

Today is the new moon in Gemini. Gemini, like all mutable signs, represents the last sign of every season. It brings with it a kind of completion energy, closing the spring season that started in March and preparing us for a transition into summer. I think of the mutable signs like bridges, leading us from one place to the next, holding a kind of liminal energy as they connect to both places. 


This new moon is a wonderful time to reflect on what you initiated in your life around the spring equinox in March. This is a time to transition into the next season, and in doing so, bring to closure or transform anything that doesn't fit with this next chapter. Astrology is as much about the cycles and rhythms of the Earth as it is about the rhythms of other planets. So as we look to the natural environment around us and see (in the Northern Hemisphere) the bloom of flowers, feel the warmth of the sun, and the slow blossoming of summer after a long, dry winter, Gemini season reaches its peak. It is a season of expression. This means self expression, listening to others, interfacing and communicating, but it also means the expression of the Earth as part of a natural cycle of life and death between seasons. 

Gemini speaks the language of liminal spaces as the myth behind the sign depicts crossing between the underworld and the heavens, back and forth and back again. While all mutable signs represent transition, transition is the only permanence for Gemini as it explores realms of possibility that may seem terrifying or unthinkable to others. This exploration requires a willingness to traverse the unknown, that bridge that leads from one place to the next, whether or not we know where that is. 

So take some time on this new moon to think about the transitions and liminal spaces occurring in your life. Do you turn towards them with willingness, curiosity, and interest? Or do you try to limit the unknowns for fear of discomfort? Perhaps our willingness to explore the uncertain areas that have emerged since the beginning of spring will equal what comes to full bloom as we approach the summer solstice. 

With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel