Dear Moon Babies,

Today is the new moon in Taurus. Taurus season is when we find ourselves in the midst of spring (though it may not feel that way in Toronto right now), when buds are starting to emerge and the first green sprouts ready for harvest. Taurus season is a time for us to remember our connection to the earth, something that is very easy to forget in a fast-paced, chaotic, technological, and often very painful world. It is our connection to the earth that suffers first and that we remember last. 

So I think of this season as a kind of repair, where the earth repairs herself after winter and we repair our connection to her as we remember the feeling of warmth, the softness of grass, the scent of the first flowers beginning to open, and the enjoyment of simply being present to this beauty. 


Sometimes though, repairing means first understanding that something has been broken or damaged. When we pull a muscle in the body we must first acknowledge the injury, rest, tend to it, before the cells and tissue can begin to repair. This, to me, is one of the interesting paradoxes of Taurus. It is a sign that strives to find the peacefulness of homeostasis, an eternal rest in beauty. But it is also a sign that resists acknowledging damage, resists repairing what's broken, and resists the process of arriving where it ultimately desires to be. 

We cannot fulfill our desires without allowing a process of arrival to first unfold. And we cannot rest in a state of peace without first arriving there (or arriving again and again, constantly, as often as we cycle out of it). Similarly, we cannot enjoy the beauty of the earth and our connection to the earth without time, energy, and intention to care for her. 

So take some time on this new moon to consider your desires. What do you imagine when you think of resting in a peaceful experience? How do you experience beauty and pleasure? Then consider the process still to unfold in arriving there. We may resist the discomfort of this process sometimes, full of the unknown, full of mystery and uncertainty, but without it, the seasons would never change, our lives would never change, and we would be stuck indefinitely in winter. 

With love to you on this new moon,



AuthorAerin Fogel