Dear Moon Babies,

Tomorrow in the early hours of the morning is the new moon in Aries. I consider the Spring Equinox (which marks the beginning of Aries season) to be the true new year. It marks ground zero on the turning of the astrological wheel, and as such, the beginning of a new cycle. As the new moon is always the beginning of a new cycle, this new moon in Aries will clear the slate for us in an extra potent way. 

Aries season began this year in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, with several planets journeying through drifting, dreaming Pisces, which is almost like a paradox for the initiative and forward motion of Aries. So you may not have felt the inspired fire yet of the new year, until Mercury went direct last week, or possibly until this new moon. 

Back around the winter solstice, you may have thought about seeds. The day the light begins to return in the northern hemisphere is a wonderful time to consider what light you want to cultivate and grow in your own life. It is a fragile time when hopes and dreams are planted, but not ready to be launched into the world yet. They need time to gestate, time for us to be quiet with our dreams in winter's dark space. Setting a plan in motion before we are truly ready is like a baby being born before full term - it may struggle to thrive in a rough world. The full gestation time is needed and necessary to be truly ready.


But Aries season is the time of readiness. Whatever has been gestating for you since the winter solstice, it's time to activate it. It's time to take a risk and act boldly, even when we may doubt ourselves and question our capacity, the timing, our resources, and so on. Aries does not question. Aries is a sign that acts before analyzing - the analysis can come later, after the fact, when we have time to reflect and digest. 

So take some time tomorrow to reflect on what you are activating. Where are you ready to take a risk? How does this risk help you better understand yourself? Where, in your life, will you be untrue to yourself if you don't listen to that inner urge? How can you mark the beginning of a new one year cycle, now, in a way that truly separates what transpired last year from what is yet to come?

Many blessings to you all as a new astrological year begins.

With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel