Dear Moon Babies,

Tomorrow evening is the new moon in Capricorn, and a solar eclipse at that. This means we are in what some refer to as 'eclipse season,' since when an eclipse occurs there is always at least one more to follow. Eclipses tend to intensify or even exacerbate our experience. They magnify the themes and significance of the new and full moons as they pass through our lives. 

Every year during Capricorn season I feel the energy of rebuilding. In the Northern Hemisphere we have passed the darkest and shortest day of the year, and begun the long journey back to brightness and warmth. The experience of this season is full of information about the strengths and qualities of Capricorn. We start a new calendar year, set intentions, head back to work, reset our bank accounts, and dig in for the long haul of winter. We may not see the effect of any of this for months to come, but we will certainly see the effect if we do not put in the work now, and this is one of Capricorn's greatest gifts (putting in the work sooner rather than later). It is our time to rebuild our lives each year, to put in the hard work, and not be swayed by the uncertainty of life's unknowns or where we may later end up. 


Given that the new moon tomorrow is an eclipse, perhaps we have a little extra force behind our intentions for this moon. What do you want to rebuild in your life? Take the energy of devotion and give it a task. Give it a hundred tasks. Set reasonable goals for yourself that inspire you to work hard on the initiatives you care about, but do not set your goals so high that you become disappointed in yourself for being unable to meet them. Take slow steps, and be methodical. Be willing to accept setbacks as part of the journey, not as reasons to give up. Be generous even when you want to withhold. You are rebuilding yourself now - what kind of person will you build?

Most importantly, while Capricorn is a goal-oriented sign, the learning here is often about letting go of expectation. The effort to progress far surpasses the goal itself here. That effort becomes like a well-developed muscle, stronger and stronger over time, more able to carry you through the challenges that life inevitably offers. As you rebuild for the coming calendar year, your strength and determination will be your greatest assets. Expectations of where that should lead you could later feel crushing if the journey has unfolded differently, and for this sign, what is crushing can be almost immobilizing. 

Tomorrow is a wonderful time to set an intention of what you would like to build in your life, and how you will rebuild yourself this year. There is no race when you are slow and steady, moving through your life with care, commitment, and generosity of spirit. 

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With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel