Dear Moon Babies,


Sunday afternoon is the new moon in Virgo. We had a long ride this summer with eclipse season, and an unusual number of planets in retrograde at the same time. It's as if the waters have been muddy, and suddenly, midway through Virgo season, they are clearing. We can trust Virgo season to help us clear things up, and be precise about how we can move forward from here. 


This new moon can be an opportunity for us to sort out what has happened over the last few months. Virgo may at times feel the impulse to use this sorting towards perfection, or trying to hold things in a fixed state to achieve the feeling of completion. But life is neither perfect nor fixed, so ultimately Virgo energy is about digesting, assimilating, and integrating that which we try to fix when we fear the fullness of life. 


So how do we digest and integrate something we would rather fix? 


I believe this requires a level of acceptance that cannot be faked. Only through true and honest acceptance can we allow the fragments of our lives to hang together as wholeness, as one whole person living a full experience. Otherwise we try and try and try to make it perfect, to make it right, and meanwhile feel even more shattered when we cannot. 


Just like our physical digestion, it is important to pause sometimes and ask ourselves whether our intake makes us feel well. Our bodies are usually very clear when food doesn't agree with us, and it is so with our experience as well. So Virgo becomes again not about trying to perfect and monitor our experience, but rather assuming a state of constant adaptability that allows us to change and make new choices when something in our lives is not well. 


This new moon is our chance to take stock of our wellness, our acceptance, our adaptability, and our integration of the last few months. Where were you, on the last new moon in Virgo, last September? Is it time to take stock and adapt to something new? Can you stomach the fullness of your own life?


I hope you can find some time to pause, breathe, and integrate. And perhaps repeat, and repeat, as Virgo thrives on routine. 


With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel