Dear Moon Babies,


Today is the New Moon in Gemini. As we are near the end of Gemini season with this moon, the last few weeks can help us form our intentions for the new moon.

If you have a sense that the pieces have gotten scattered this month, today can be a time to reflect on how to go about collecting them again. If life has felt like a series of details that don’t add up to a sum total, today can be a time to reflect on how to synthesize everything together.



Where has your mind gone during Gemini season? To which corners have your thoughts lead you? I have always found it interesting that the sign of Gemini carries such lightness and ease, and yet in mythology is the only archetype that regularly cycles through the underworld. It is a testament to the realms our mind can journey to, the heights and depths that together become the sum total of how we process our experience. 


Though we may feel scattered, though the details may not always add up, though we may not always know how to bring our lives together and create cohesion, we are meanwhile, and anyways, whole. 

All of our thoughts, all the realms they travel to, everything we express, and all that we experience, resides within us. WE are the sum total of the strange mixture of elements that together, make us each unique. 


This new moon can be a time to have curiosity about this strange mixture of elements within us, the heights and depths of our mind, and how we exist in connection and relationship with one another, ever-changing, always expressing different aspects of self. 


May you find some time today to celebrate yourself for that. 

With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel