Dear Moon Babies, 


Today is the New Moon in Taurus. Taurus season in the Northern Hemisphere is all about the sheer pleasure of the earth coming alive all around us. It is a time when we can find relief in the certainty that the sun's warmth and the blooming flowers are finally here. Each year Taurus season is like a stabilizing force that mediates the fire of Aries, gives boundaries and structure to whatever has come blazing through the door. 


Today is not just a new moon though, it marks the day that Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus is mostly done its seven year journey through Aries (it'll dip back for a little bit in the summer before finishing completely). Later today, Mars will enter Aquarius and challenge Uranus. 


In English, this is the end of a seven year cycle and the beginning of a new one. If you reflect on what has elapsed for you from 2011 til now, you may have a sense of how Uranus works. It brings radical, impulsive change. It demands the future happen now. It is sudden and accidental. It is raw and painful at times, and liberating and transformational at others. 

But these are not the qualities of Taurus, a sign that needs no radical change because it believes that all of life's beauty is available immediately, in the present, exactly as things are. To find pleasure in what is, rather than striving for what could be. 


We don't know what Uranus in Taurus will hold for us over the next seven years. But I can say it will be like a team of rebels knocking down the palace door. And perhaps it will be about changing what we value, since value is still tucked away in banks and in the hands of a very few. 

I believe that Uranus in Aries was the beginning of marginalized and underrepresented groups in our world being seen and heard. Just the beginning. So Uranus in Taurus may see us putting that to task, and looking at the economics and resources of systemic oppression. Uranus will require great change wherever it is. 


So we initiate this seven year journey with a new moon; a day for renewal, redirecting, and new beginnings. Today is a good day to simply be present and awake to whatever is beautiful in your life right now. Not with denial about everything else, but to acknowledge and honour what we do have. 

It is also a day to consider what you value, and the physical matter that surrounds you. Everything may change. And you will still find beauty. You will still be here, awake and alive, with a body that feels and loves. 


Happy new moon to you all!

With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel