Dear Moon Babies,


We're in the last few hours of the end of the end of some very challenging astrology these last few weeks. Mercury has finished its spring retrograde phase, we are approaching the new moon in Aries, and Chiron is about to move into Aries out of its long stretch sailing the oceans of Pisces. 


In English, this has been like having an infinite number of compasses all pointing in different directions, and finally getting them all regulated to point true North. 

The theme of regulation is an important one here - regulation is essentially our ability to process our feelings and thoughts without becoming overwhelmed or shutting down. This allows us to meet the challenges and waves of our experience and to continue to live our lives anyway. 



Sometimes, things are just too much, and we stop being able to regulate our emotions and our experience. Sometimes we try to regulate someone else's emotions for them because they're finding things are just too much. Sometimes our ability to function is altered because things are just too much. 


Enter today - Mercury moves forwards again, the new moon arrives, and by Tuesday, Chiron resets at the very beginning of the whole astrological wheel (Chiron is a planetoid not a planet, floating somewhere between Saturn and Uranus, but I work with it in charts because I find its archetype of the wounded healer tends to be very noticeable in people's lives). 

The last few degrees of Pisces, the last few days before a new moon, and the end of retrograde phase are nearly impossible to regulate. Add them all together and you get a whole lot of nothingness (and maybe an ice storm in Toronto). 


Sometimes we need to be set adrift for a little while before we find our direction again. And sometimes our drive, our willforce, and our initiative naturally return on their own after being lost at sea. Just as spring naturally arrives on its own each year, and always with a few false starts, we will naturally regain our strength and direction after periods of overwhelm where we lose our ability to regulate what is happening. 

Chiron's journey through Pisces these last eight years has made it clear that when one of us suffers, we all do, and therefore our individual freedom cannot exist without collective liberation. So the new moon in Aries, and Chiron's movement into Aries, will turn the lens back to the individual - collective liberation cannot exist if we are not first starting with ourselves. 


Take this time to think about the healing you need. What will get you back on track? How can you begin to process and regulate the phase you are coming out of? What do you need right now to find strength and direction? And how can this create a course of action that contributes to our collective liberation?


Wishing you all a strong and clarifying new moon.

With love, 



AuthorAerin Fogel