Dear moon babies,


Yesterday was the new moon in Pisces. Each year with this new moon I think about the relationship between endings and beginnings - a new moon is always a wonderful time to set the intention for something new in your life, and meanwhile, Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac before we spring into a new astrological year, and so it carries a theme of endings. 



Pisces itself is the vast ocean that holds and connects everything. So it is a sign where endings, beginnings, middles, fullness, emptiness, and everything in between coexists. 


I think about Pisces season as a state of utter surrender in this ocean. Where we can stay afloat only by relaxing into the waves and not struggling against them. It is a beautiful state when we can find moments of it, but often means we are tossed about in the waves in between. 


If you have a few moments today or tomorrow, consider what you are surrendering into. What is ending, what is yet to begin, and all the middles in between. Sometimes the most profound learning can occur in those liminal spaces. 


For those of you in Toronto, I have two spaces left in my astrology and initiation workshop on Saturday. Feel free to email me if you would like to join us for the afternoon!


In love and Pisces surrender,



AuthorAerin Fogel