Dear moon babies,


Today was a new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius. It is a day to set intentions for how we show up in our communities, and what kind of community we are inspired to show up for. 


Sometimes the easiest way to understand a sign is by thinking about it in opposition. Aquarius is the sign that is opposite Leo in the zodiac. Leo is all about the light of the self and our individual paths, having the courage to ask questions that we do not know the answers to. 

As Aquarius is opposite this in many ways, it is about how we exist in context of others, the groups and structures and ideals we devote ourselves to, and where we become equalized in community. It is not a loss of the Leonine identity but rather a collective expression of it. 

Aquarius is also the sign where we seek answers. These collective expressions are not just about personality, but a home for archetypal identities; the stories and wisdom that unite us with one another, that we share through our unique life paths. 


So in a way each of us can understand this sign in our lives as how we define ourselves in context of collective wisdom, how we shape our own lives through the archetypal stories of human nature. 

Because of this, Aquarius holds a fixed commitment to the betterment of humankind and creating more equitable compassionate communities. So we can use this new moon to reflect on how we are able to do this in our lives and in the places we belong, or perhaps to reflect on what kinds of challenges this presents. Perhaps that is a difficult way to show up in the world; Aquarius can also be where we detach and distance from others because we feel unable to find that sense of belonging. 


Like every sign there are many ways this can be expressed and there is no wrong way to do it. I hope you find time this moon to step back, gain perspective on how you fit in or don’t fit into your places of belonging, and how your own life is an expression of the collective stories and wisdom that we all share. 


Lastly, there are still some spaces remaining for my workshop on Initiation Through the Chart, on March 24 if you would like to join. 

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With love and moon darkness,



AuthorAerin Fogel