Dear moon babies,


Tomorrow in the early hours of the morning is the new moon in Sagittarius. Just this afternoon Mercury stationed to move direct again (it has been retrograde since mid-November). I think of this combination of events like an alignment of purpose. Sagittarius is the sign that gives us vision and direction, that helps us see where we are going and the multitude of possibilities before we actually get there. Meanwhile, the Mercury retrograde periods are like pauses where we can listen for more inner clarity before moving forward. And as Mercury begins its forward motion once more and the moon begins a new cycle, perhaps we can also set something into motion that we have been waiting on, for more clarity, more information, or more inspiration. 

The archetype of Sagittarius is one that looks ahead in order to better the present. So it is a sign that is often 20 steps ahead of itself, or living in a possible reality that might not always reflect actuality. With this comes a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and optimism, because the realm of possibility is often much brighter than our current reality. The work of this archetype is to look ahead to some of that beautiful possibility, grab hold of it, and bring it into actuality. 

But this can be a very hard thing to do when we are not clear in our direction. Too much possibility can actually overwhelm our ability to make any kind of decision, if we don't really know what we need. And while Mercury's direct turn today seems like it will help us be more clear about our direction in the coming weeks, there are other transits occurring that will just as easily add confusion. How do we get excited and inspired to make something happen when we don't even know what we want?

So the new moon can be a time for us to reflect on our direction. Sagittarius is the archer that first aims its arrow at a target before letting the arrow fly. We want to be clear about how we are proceeding in life before we find ourselves wandering aimlessly and without purpose. And the search for purpose can often be a great challenge for this sign. 

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AuthorAerin Fogel