Dear Moon Babies,

Today is the new moon in Scorpio. We've had an intense ride through this sign since last October when Jupiter moved into Scorpio, and settled in for a full year (it's about to move again, tomorrow, into the next sign of Sagittarius). The first day of Jupiter in Scorpio was the day the #metoo movement fully launched, and so much of the suffering that has been happening in hiding and in secret was brought to the surface. There is no bottom to Scorpio's depth, just as there seems to be no bottom to what's been shared in the #metoo movement. 

Near the end of Jupiter's time here, Venus began her retrograde journey through the earlier degrees of Scorpio in early October. It is as if Venus went back over everything Jupiter unearthed, to double check and see if there was anything else. And as is the way with Scorpio, there is always more to unearth. Now, today, we reach our new moon in Scorpio, just before Jupiter leaves the sign and Venus turns direct again. 


So this new moon can be a time to reflect on the year since last October, and what we've unearthed in our lives, and what has perhaps intensified since this Venus retrograde period. Scorpio season occurs in the Northern Hemisphere when nature is dying. The harvest and plants begin to wane, draw their energy back to their roots, and slide into stasis for the coming season. There is an inherent sense of loss here - the kind of loss that intensifies life, for the plants will not have energy to blossom again in the spring if they haven't gone through this cycle first. We hear the word 'transformation' a lot but it is easy to see with Scorpio season as the trees change colours and prepare to regenerate next season, in full, beautiful transformation as the leaves decay. 

We fear loss because it is painful. It hurts while we're going through it. So we often hold on very tightly to avoid it. If we can maintain control of the situation we may not have to feel that pain, to suffer the loss. Herein lies the trap with Scorpio - it's the place in our charts where we try and try and try to maintain control so that we don't have to feel what waits on the other side. But maintaining control keeps us stuck. We never cross through winter's season and make it to spring if we never allow the natural cycle of loss to occur. 

#metoo showed us that there is power in sharing the most hidden, vulnerable aspects of our experiences, and it is the power of connection and solidarity. This too is the realm of Scorpio, where and how we share our energy and resources with others, how we care for the unseen experiences of those around us. When we allow the dying season, when we allow the murk and shadows to be unearthed, when we stop trying to maintain control, life can flow. We may not know where, but we are not stuck and bound in a wintry stasis. 

I hope you can find some time today to reflect on this new moon and Jupiter's final moments in Scorpio. When Venus goes direct again mid-month, she will move back into Scorpio for one last dive into these bottomless waters as we make our way into Sagittarius season. 

With love,


AuthorAerin Fogel