Dear Moon Babies,

Today is the New Moon in Libra. 

Libra is the zodiac sign symbolized by scales, offering us themes of balance, justice, fairness, and harmony. So it is no mistake that Libra season occurs at the autumn equinox each year - a balance point in our seasons, halfway between light and dark. It is the exact middle point between the summer and winter solstices, where we (in the Northern Hemisphere) are crossing between the brightest times and the darkest times. 

What always strikes me about Libra is that it is a sign that strives for perfect balance and harmony - which just like the equinox is a passing, momentary experience. It is hard to pinpoint a moment of perfect equilibrium because as soon as we find it, something has already begun to change. 


While Libra may go to great efforts to maintain this experience of balance or harmony, it is often the effort to maintain it that causes us to lose it. Nothing, absolutely nothing in our world is fixed or permanent, though many things are stable and lasting. Libra season is a time of great change in our environment. Balance is merely a moment in the greater cycles of life, of nature, of the planet turning on its axis. Our desire to hold things in perfection, to be 'okay' or 'fine' as a permanent state, to hold onto relationships that need to grow and evolve, is the very thing that causes us to lose balance. It places us out of relationship with the greater cycles of life, and out of relationship with our own inner wisdom. It stops us from real relationship with others - the messy, impermanent, elusive, ever-evolving kind of love that we are capable of. 

So the new moon today can be a time to accept the beauty of it all. True balance and harmony are about accepting change, and understanding the bigger picture of cycles that ebb and flow. Are you in harmony with your inner wisdom? Do your choices come from that place? Is there give and take in your relationships, or do you find that you tend to one side of that? Can you see the people around you as mirrors of your own life, both the beautiful and the challenging aspects? And can you let turmoil live in relationship with being okay? Can we be both at once?

I hope you can find some time today for reflection on these themes, and may the new moon bring you content. 

With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel