Dear Moon Babies,


This evening is the new moon in Capricorn, and the first new moon of 2018. 

Saturn moved into its at-home sign of Capricorn in December, and many planets are also travelling through the sign this month, so all things Capricorn are relevant to us all right now!


In our charts, Capricorn is the place where we take on responsibility. So depending on where the ascendent is and how your chart is set, we may be inclined to take this on in the workplace, in our relationships, in our families, in our communities, or any number of life areas ranging from our inner worlds to the world as a whole. 



In my practice with clients I find that I am often looking at Capricorn in someone's chart and reminding them they are not personally responsible to fix, restructure, delegate, and manage everything. But as I think about the new moon tonight and the number of planets in Capricorn right now, as well as the challenging uncertainty of our human collective, pulled in so many directions, I feel more interested to see if we can take on more. Capricorn can be the place where we reach our limit and still keep going, where we amaze ourselves with our capacity because we find that it is far beyond what we had imagined it to be, and where great work and profound accomplishments are made because we continued to strive despite the difficulties we encountered. 


It is not where we give up or collapse. And that is an important consideration for this new moon - where can we push ourselves a little more, where can we amaze ourselves by going beyond our capacity, and what can we take on now that will help us fix, renegotiate, and assert healthier structures in our relationships, our families, our communities, and in the world? It is a sign that is ultimately about the right use of resources, so we can ask ourselves now if we are using our resources rightly (whether they be material, emotional, spiritual, or psychological resources. I hope you have a few moments this evening or in the morning to consider how this is in your life, and any intentions you may have to create change. 


In the name of creating change and taking things on, I will be hosting an afternoon workshop on Saturday March 24th in Toronto. The topic will be Initiation Through The Chart, and it will be an exploration into how we can 'initiate' and create wisdom and awareness out of our challenging life experiences. 

More information is here.

Preregistration is required, please contact me if you would like to attend!


New moon blessings to you all. 




AuthorAerin Fogel