Dear Moon Babies,


As I'm sure many of you already know, there is a new moon eclipse in Leo happening tomorrow. Many astrologers that I trust and respect have been speaking and writing on this eclipse in the time leading up to it, so if you are interested to read a little more I would direct you to the writings of Julie Simmons, Wade Caves, or Lynn Bell. I trust the wisdom of each of them very deeply. 


I have thought a lot about what I might add to the conversation, in light of what is happening in visible space in the States (and in less visible or media connected spaces elsewhere). The path of this particular eclipse draws a dividing line directly through the middle of the States, and the degree is right on Trump's ascendent as well as fixed star Regulus, the star that empowers or corrupts kings. Meanwhile, Mars sits close to the degree of the eclipse, ready to be destructive or act in service, that part may be up to us. 


Quite literally, an eclipse is when the light of our sun, that which gives life to the planet, is obscured by shadow. We do not need to search very far symbolically to see how that is working on the planet. So what can we do in this time? How can we act in response? We can start by speaking and acting out against oppression, even when it is coming from people we love and trust. We can check in with friends, neighbours, and strangers to make sure they are okay, and ask what is needed and how we can help. We can stop tolerating hateful words and behaviours. We can contribute our time, money, energy, and bodies where able to organizations that are actively creating positive change. More than ever, and by any means necessary, we can do our own inner work. We can reach deeper into our unconscious and be willing to see our own blind spots, the places where we don't know how to love or maybe don't believe it's possible. 


To me, with this eclipse, that all feels like just the beginning. There is a big long journey to wholeness from here. When the body is unwell we notice the symptoms first. We treat the symptoms, and sometimes that is enough. But sometimes we keep treating the symptoms and they keep returning, because we haven't found the root cause. 



Our planet is like that body right now. There is something destructive in the system. Treating the symptoms is absolutely necessary, and it is also just the beginning. Because why is there something destructive in our system to begin with? Why is the body unwell? What is the nature of the disease? If we don't get to the root cause the symptoms will keep returning and meanwhile we are losing our beautiful friends and courageous neighbours who are fighting these symptoms on the front lines and in their inner realities. 


Leo is the sign of the heart. And this shadow cast over the light of the sun, the sun that rules the sign of Leo, the sun that gives us life just as the heart pumps life through our bodies, shows us a terrible pain in the world's heart. And Leo also asks us to have courage. This cannot be a passive time for those of us who are able to see clearly and consciously; we have to have the courage to engage with what is happening in whatever way we can. Both in the world and in our own hearts, where our individual pain lives. Hatred toward others occurs when someone cannot bear to feel their own pain. 


Trauma is both the cause and the effect here. I do not have clear answers about how the healing path will go at the very root of this. But we can start with managing symptoms. We can start by having the courage of Leo and the assertion of Mars to speak out and take action, and defend those who cannot. This is happening all around us every day, no matter where we live. We can start by responding to the people and places that do not live from the heart, that are living out the more menacing side of Regulus and Mars, numb and destructive. 


When trauma has no space for healing it repeats itself, over and over, until we reach the root and understand what we can do differently. That is the nature of historical and personal patterns. It's a hard and courageous path to healing. We might consider this eclipse as a marker of the healing crisis in our world. Let us move forward from this point knowing that our liberation is bound up with one another. These are not new challenges on the planet. They are very old and very familiar. They have had many rounds. My prayers and my intentions right now look to the possibility that this time we might respond differently. That we have advanced enough to treat the system differently, and wholly. 


I hope you have a chance to spend some time in reflection tomorrow during the eclipse. May your hearts be brave. May you be safe. May you know love.


With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel