Dear Moon Babies,


Tomorrow is the new moon in Leo, the first of two that will occur this season. Not only that, but we are approaching two eclipses (one on the full moon, and one on the next new moon). 


So that's a lot of moons, all under one Leo roof. Every person has all twelve signs of the zodiac in their chart, so this information is relevant to all of us, not just the Leos in the bunch!


I have noticed in many sessions and conversations recently that things are heating up for almost everyone. And Leo season always brings the heat (quite literally too if you're in the Northern hemisphere). Because of this, I have been thinking a lot about what it means to 'stand in the light,' a phrase that is often shared in spiritual or mindful pursuits. It seems that standing in the high noon mid-summer light of Leo amidst these eclipses is not just about basking in brightness, although this is certainly a part of it. 


It seems that standing in the light has more to do with revelation; suddenly seeing, feeling, sensing, thinking, what we may not have seen, felt, sensed, or thought before. Like overturning a rock that has been in the garden for a long time, warmed by the sun, and revealing all the bugs furrowing in the soil on the other side. Letting them stand in the light. Letting the light shine from this new angle. 


So I am reminded again that standing in the light, and reaching the brightness of this season, is not about being in a perfect state. It is more about stretching the edges of perfection to include the bugs on the shady side of the rock. Stretching the light to reach new, and previously hidden corners. 


How far can we stretch our love now, to include what is heating up? What is revealed with all this heat and bright light? Can we love it? Can our notion of love be adjusted to include it, to include our imperfect neighbour, to include our illness, our insecurity, our despair, and our unconsciousness? Can this stand in the light too?


Wishing you all love on this powerful new moon.




AuthorAerin Fogel