Dear Moon Babies,

Today is the new moon in Cancer. We have just passed the summer solstice, the brightest and longest day in the northern hemisphere, and the first day of Cancer season. Sometimes people ask me about the difference between the two astrological systems, and it is mainly this - Western (or tropical) astrology exists in relationship with the seasons. So the first day of Cancer always occurs on the longest day of the year, this side of the equator.

This to me is an interesting reflection on what Cancer is all about. It is the sign that corresponds with the moon, and yet its season falls during the time of year when the darkness and the moon hours are shortest. Still more interesting if we consider that the moon can only be seen in relationship to the sun - tonight, during the new moon, we will not see the moon at all because it is so close to the sun. Eventually they will appear further and further apart until we see the moon growing in the sky again. But even then, what we see of the moon is only a reflection of the sun's light. Without that we would not see the moon at all.

Many years into my journey with astrology, I understand this significance much better than when I first began. We experience from Cancer season only what it has received from the seasons that precede it. We see the blossoms on the plants only if there has been enough rain like tears on the earth, and light like nourishment on the buds. We see the moon only when it swings far enough away from the sun to reflect its light.

And wherever Cancer sits in our charts, we see the nourishment and reflection of what we carry from our environment. If we are surrounded by suffering we carry this. If we are borne through a difficult lineage we carry this. If we are seen and heard by our loved ones we carry this. If we are fed we carry this. With Cancer season, we are that moon only reflecting the light we can receive.

Cancer has always been a sign associated with nurturing and giving to others. But let us take a moment today on the new moon to really reflect on the deeper nuances of this season. For we cannot give what we haven't received. We cannot nourish if we are not fed. We can only glow with as much light as is cast onto us. And those blossoms cannot open and bring beauty to the world without an entire ecosystem of support.

May you see your own light reflected in the faces of others today.
With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel