Dear moon babies,


Today is the new moon in Aries, which means I can officially wish you a happy spring! This is always the first new moon of the astrological calendar year, as Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. 


It is a time for everything to become new again. So much of the practicality of western astrology is to help us live in relationship with our surroundings. In big cities this can be challenging, but no matter where we live we feel the bursting hope of spring, the joyful haze of summer, the nostalgic turning of autumn, and the internal reflection of winter. This is our world, this is our earth. Our connection to the seasons grounds us in something bigger than ourselves, something that will always be true while the truth of our individual realities is a complex, ever-shifting web. 


So today we get on board with something new. Today we see something starting to sprout, maybe something we planted back in autumn. Something we nurtured through the frost. Something we longed for last summer. Today we have a chance. 


Give yourself some time in the next few days to think about the turning of the spring equinox and today's new moon. What is ready to burst forth in your life, like the crocus buds first out of the ground? Perhaps what is ready to blossom is not what you expected. Perhaps you're waiting for one thing to burst forth, and meanwhile, in your periphery, you catch sight of something entirely different coming out of the ground that has been waiting all winter to awaken. Intention can carry us a long way in our lives, but at times we would do well to accept what comes naturally instead of forcing our intentions. Consider where you direct your will force, and where this powerful energy will really serve you right now. 


With this new moon we get a clean slate. And every year we will get another one. This will always be true. What are you willing right now? And what are you accepting? What seeds are you planting, and what has sprouted while you weren't paying attention?


Lastly, I will be taking a few weeks off from mid-April to mid-May, so if you have been meaning to book your next session with me please get in touch in the next couple days, or we can plan ahead to a later date. 


I wish you all many blessings on the turning of a new year. 

With love and blossoms, 




AuthorAerin Fogel