Dear moon babies,


Today is the new moon in Pisces, and a solar eclipse. 

Here, in the vast waters of this Pisces moon, we can find a place of deep connection with one another that goes far beyond our personal experience. It begins with longing. It begins with suffering. It begins with compassion. It begins with awakening. It begins with great feeling. It can begin in any one of these doorways that remind us we are not an island. That it is our very longing to connect that connects us, our isolated suffering that connects us, and our capacity for true kindness and compassion that connects us. 


Every thought, feeling, and moment of experience is an opportunity for connection and healing. This is the possibility that a new moon in Pisces affords us. Yet we are programmed to turn away from healing, from connection, to be mistrustful and wary of it, and so to feel lost at times in the overwhelming depths of our own minds. This new moon is a time to let go of the mistrust, the fears and old identities we are holding onto, even just for a moment, to see that we are okay when we do, and sometimes more than okay, sometimes carried instead in the ocean that carries all of humanity. 


So we can let go of our habits today for a moment, or for an hour, or for longer if it feels safe. We can see, really and truly see, those around us as fellows humans doing the very best they can in every moment. We can remember that the pain we feel in our individual experience is something that everyone feels, somewhere in their life, and for this we are never truly alone. We can let go and still live, and live more fully. 


I would like to share, also, about the Venus retrograde workshop I will be hosting this coming Saturday with my incredible teacher Julie Simmons. It will be a three hour workshop exploring the significance of the retrograde in the world and in our charts. We will additionally be hosting a Venus labyrinth walk on March 25th which will be by donation. 

Sliding scale is available for Saturday's workshop, but please pre-register so we can prepare your chart. More information is here.


With watery compassionate love,



AuthorAerin Fogel