Dear moon babies,


Tonight is the new moon in Sagittarius, and a very special moment in time. I'm sure you have all had, at some point or other, the incredible experience of looking up in the sky and seeing the milky way shining pale in the dark night. At the heart of the milky way is the galactic centre, the place from where the universe emerged (as best as we understand currently), and where there is now considered to be a black hole. 

The galactic centre carries such strong electromagnetic energy that even static heard through early telephones was traced back to it. I think of it as the universal womb - the place from which all matter and all life emerged. 


The new moon tonight sits in the heart of the galactic centre. That is to say, from the perspective of planet earth (and astrology is entirely built around our perspective), the sun and moon are sitting right in the middle of this place in the sky right now, if you look up to gaze at them. The galactic centre is in the latter part of the Sagittarius constellation, and so we have a new moon in Sagittarius. 



Meanwhile, Mercury recently went retrograde very close to this place, and Saturn appeared to change direction at this place back in the spring. Saturn is now at the very last degree of Sagittarius, poised to move on into Capricorn just after the new moon, but in the meantime still carrying this thread. 


This is all to say it is an interesting moment to see what's being built in your life right now. The new moon is always a wonderful time to set new intentions for your life, and the placement in the heart of the galactic centre gives this one an extra edge of creative power. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde (and Saturn still in the last degree of Capricorn) say, it's not time to act just yet. See what's really going on here before you take the next steps. 


Every year during Sagittarius season I think about hope - hope that gets us out of bed in the morning when we otherwise can't, hope that gives people the incredible power to persevere through life with resilience when the world seems to fail them. Hope that says, there will be another day, and it might be a little better. But hope casts a long shadow too around all that light. I think about the hope that is needed in the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, and how it is just enough to get us to the winter solstice (this Thursday) when the light starts to return. 


Where was hope born for you this year? Do you have any left? Do you have so much that it blinds you to the shadows it casts? Can you borrow some from a friend until you have enough for yourself? And, most interestingly to me, what does hope change? Does it have any bearing on our circumstance, or does the earth keep turning whether we feel this way or that?


Wishing you all a moment of stillness in this new moon, this moment of quiet, this time to build something, to birth something, and soon to take action and make our hopeful visions a reality. 

Many blessings during the winter solstice to you.


With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel