Dear Moon Babies,


Today is the new moon in Libra, and a perfect moment it seems, to consider our ways of relating. Even for those who do not use social media much it is hard to miss the recent and still-blossoming conversation bravely sparked by many abuse victims. 


During Libra season I consider the fact that Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by something human-made. All the other signs are represented by something natural, and yet the scales are a socially constructed symbol, intended to steady the balance of justice. But balance is not a fixed and permanent state, it is something that we hold as an ideal, something that we constantly work towards and from a place of great need. Our lives change and unfold and swing in all directions, and if we can focus and sustain our intention long enough, we sometimes have those beautiful and elusive moments where everything seems perfectly still and balanced, at least for a moment, before it all changes once more. 



So perhaps if balance is impermanent, it's the same for justice. Maybe it is something we constantly work towards, adapting our understanding of it and adjusting the greater perspective, but which we find only in rare passing moments where everything aligns to bring us justice in both in small steps and huge hurdles where we triumph. 


The scales are balanced when they are on level with one another. And the brave surge of conversation emerging now is one that points to where we are not on level. Where some have held power over others, where justice is absent, where the precious balance of our lives has been abused or misused. 


So how can we adjust the bigger picture? How can we each strive to bring greater justice to the world, greater balance to our relationships, and greater peace to our communities? My intention for this new moon is to consider how I may do this in my own life and put that to action and lived experience. Not just to leave it as a concept.  


The challenge with Libra has always been what lurks in the shadows, as with any air sign, it can lose sight of what happens below the surface of our rational, cognitive brain. So let us remember as we set our relational intentions for greater justice in the world that most of our actions stem from an unconscious place. And let us have the courage to look deeper and account for what we haven't yet seen within ourselves. Let there be greater balance between our conscious and unconscious worlds as well. 


Wishing you all a moment of peace on this new moon, and wishing for a world with loving justice in action. 



AuthorAerin Fogel