Dear Moon Babies,

Tomorrow is the new moon in Aquarius. It is time to look where we are going, as a collective, and get on track if it appears we're going in the wrong direction. Because yes, with Aquarius, there is a right and a wrong way to go. 


Aquarius season asks us to envision a more harmonious, compassionate, and inclusive world for ourselves. So the new moon is a wonderful time to think about what this means for you and how you see this working on a grand scale. It's a simple and easy practice (or daydream, or distraction, depending on how you look at it), but the challenge comes from being able to put what we envision into action in the real world. 

While Aquarius is the sign most able to see a better future for our planet, it is also a sign that can become dangerously disconnected from the reality before us. These two things go hand in hand, because the striving for something radically different can come from an aversion or lack of acceptance of the difficulties at hand. So let us imagine a future world with more love and inclusion, but let us not turn away from what is painful here and now. Let us in fact turn towards it and start our work now, not later. 


The key to the perfect Aquarian utopia is to understand that there must be space for everyone, whether you like them or not! Good thing Aquarius is a sign that considers everyone their best friend anyways, because it is a sign that allows us to see the bigger picture, each person as a whole being with strengths and challenges. So in your vision of a better world, let there be room for a difference of opinion, and a whole lot of weirdness. This is not a time for uniformity. 


My workshop 'Through Fire,' is now a day-long event instead of a full weekend, and will be held Saturday Feb. 18th. There are two spaces left so if you would like to join us, please register in the next few days! Participants will go through an initiation process around a life issue or question of their choosing, and will be uniquely supported in the group with what they are working with. More information here.


Lastly, I will be co-hosting a Venus Retrograde workshop with my incredible teacher Julie Simmons. This will be a three-part series that spans the retrograde period, where we explore the mystery and meaning of Venus' journey and how it is reflected in your individual chart. No astrology knowledge is required to participate. Sliding scale is available so please let us know if you need a reduced fee for this, more information here.


May you spend the new moon tomorrow envisioning the weirdest and brightest future for our planet.


With love,




AuthorAerin Fogel