Dear moon babies,


Today is the new moon in Libra! 

We've come through a difficult stretch of astrological configurations these past few months. Several strong planets have been in difficult relationships, mostly moving through the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces seeping into one another's edges). Mid-month we had Jupiter transition out of the sign of Virgo and into the sign of Libra, where Jupiter is a little more at ease. 


Moving also from a mutable sign (Virgo) to a cardinal sign (Libra) may mean we are able to mount our lives with more ease in this next phase. If you've felt a little underwater, a little overwhelmed, a little in over your head the past while, help is on the way. At least some of those loose ends will be tied up, and at least some of them will turn out to not be so important after all. We never really miss much when we let go of what overwhelms us. 


This new moon is a time to reflect on the turning of the seasons. In the spring we plant our seeds, both in the earth to grow food and in our lives to grow our work. In the summer we rejoice as we watch it all come to blossom around us. And now is the time when we harvest the fruits of our labour (later, in winter, we will be sustained by what we have harvested, and we will meet the beautiful emptiness of the dark months). 


So what is it that you are harvesting in your life? What have you given rise to since the spring? And what will you take with you, as nourishment, into the winter months? Hibernating animals are storing everything they'll need until the earth thaws again, and we can consider the symbolic similarities in our own lives. Libra is a sign of balance because it is the balancing point between summer and winter. The sun and the moon, the light and the dark, the above and below, are all equal in our lives right now. 


So as much as Libra has a reputation for being lighthearted and carefree, consider that this is only one side of the picture, one half of the balance. And consider what is balancing at this time in your life, coming to meet its other half, reaping what is sown. 


And, if anyone is still wondering what astrology even is, or what a reading is, I was interviewed today by Fashion Magazine on the topic and you can watch a little here:


Happy autumn and new moon!


With love,




AuthorAerin Fogel