Dear moon babies,


Today was the new moon in Virgo, as well as an eclipse. During Virgo season in the Northern hemisphere we see the earth moving towards completion of a phase. The sun sets earlier, the evenings are cool, and the full harvest is ready on the vine. The warmth and abundance, the love and joy of summer, all reach their completion in Virgo. 


So what do we do when we cannot complete a phase of joy, of abundance, of readiness? What do we do when something in our life moves out of grasp before we have even had a chance to understand it? Do we try to keep up anyways? Do we criticize ourselves for failing? Do we analyze new angles to the point of confusion?


Or, when the chips fall where they may, do we let them lie? We can either try to control and rearrange them, or we can step back, and see what shape they have fallen into. We can adapt. 


Saturn and Mars are at odds these days. Mars urges us to speed on, to take action, to initiate and instigate. Saturn urges us to slow down, even to stop, and to hold our limits. One foot on the gas, one foot on the brakes. It is a wild and confusing impulse to make sense of, and the eclipse heightens the intensity. 


But Virgo offers us some practical steps in these times, as Virgo tends to do. We can tend to the details of our lives. We can work on our many life projects, and see them through to completion. And when they scatter in the wind, we can patiently reorient ourselves and tend to something else. We can have routine, we can eat breakfast and walk the dog every day, we can walk by the water at sunset, we can take our stress and confusion and self-judgment into a ritual, into a circle, and let it be integrated through our community and relationships. There is much we can do, Virgo says, so long as we recognize that not everything is in our control, and we are therefore not failing our many high expectations. 


I hope you are able to take a moment on this new moon to consider the wisdom of Virgo, as something that is alive in the earth and in our bodies, not in the fog of our minds. 


In love and moon darkness, 




AuthorAerin Fogel