Dear moon babies,


Tomorrow is the new moon in Leo. Every year in the Northern Hemisphere when we land on the new moon in Leo, the earth around us is bursting with ripeness. It is the most fertile time before the fall harvest. The sun lingers late in the sky, and calls us early to rise. In Toronto, I notice that people meet my gaze in the street instead of the sidewalk. Life is living. 


But the planetary aspects and ensuing world events have met every kind of suffering these past few months. War and fire rage while the sun is lingering on the ripening vines. Somehow it all coexists together, here on our planet. 


And Leo season teaches us that it all coexists in our lives as well. Today we meet the challenge of bursting with sunlight before drowning in the dark. Of loving another, and then losing them. Of walking with courage when we cannot even see our own direction. Of allowing hope into our hearts, knowing there is no safety net. 


May we have the courage this new moon to meet all of this in our experience. May our hearts stay open even in the face of pain. May our life path be full of curious exploration, stumbling, and searching, and not a means to an end. We do not find our power in knowledge, but rather, in the full strengths of our hearts. 


I wish you all fullness of the heart on the new moon tomorrow!


In Leonine love,




AuthorAerin Fogel