Dear moon babies,


Today is the new moon in Cancer. 

Today we may come to rest in the deep feeling of everything we have come through these past few months. Cancer season brings us into some of the most tender aspects of our being, and can also bring us closer to an understanding of our true needs against our impulsive needs. Once our primary needs for survival and material resources are met, we have the opportunity to explore the needs beyond those, for comfort, intimacy, and deep emotional bonds. 


I hope you find a few moments today to check in with these deeper needs, and the intimacy you build in your life. Somewhere between the unfathomable vulnerability of Cancer and the more comfortable shell of defence that covers it over, there is a balance. A place where vulnerability finds safety and intimate support. 


In light of this place of intimate support, of emotional vulnerability, and of meeting our deeper needs, I am sharing today my reconfigured website. Along with it are a series of treatment plans through which I can better support you with consistency and commitment. As I continue to deepen my commitment to this work and the space I hold for each person's growth, I encourage you to deepen your commitment to self through this work. I am always grateful to practice in this way as a lifepath and as an ongoing support to my clients and loved ones, and I continue to be inspired and amazed by each person I encounter as they come to rest in the beauty of their true selves. 


I encourage you to come see me as often as you feel called. And please feel free to share these new offerings with friends and loved ones:


In love and tenderness,



AuthorAerin Fogel