Dear moon babies,

Last night was the new moon in Gemini. If, like me, you have not yet had a moment to sit down and reflect on it, it's not too late. The moon is always new for three days. And the movement of the planets these past several days suggests to me that no one has in fact had a moment to sit down and reflect on anything.

The theme at work right now may be hard to find through the thick layer of overwhelm. We are on the verge of breakthrough, but we mostly feel confused. We are longing for something extraordinary, something that will lift us, and yet we feel the cold iron gate of our own limitation slamming up against it. We are getting somewhere, we are getting somewhere, we are almost there, but it turns out we are just running in circles. We are edging towards completion but the details continue to pour in, demanding our attention, fraying our concentration.

We have gone through loss, and we will lose again. But somehow we still desire. We still long. Somehow we are reaching for breakthrough even from behind the closed gate. Our dreams are tremendous, greater than the width of our own hands, and yet our fears span those very same dimensions.

This is what we are called to reflect on at this time. For as great as we dare allow our desires and dreams to be, so too will grow our fears and the possibility of loss. So too will we open those gates which may let our homes be flooded.

For everything that expands in the universe, there is a necessary contraction somewhere else. This is a law of nature. Matter is never created or destroyed, but only cycled and recycled and borrowed and exchanged here and there across the cosmos. If we allow ourselves this expansion we have to face the contraction. There is no other way around it.

So take a few moments to reflect on where you have allowed yourself to dream, and where you have suffered loss. Do you let yourself dream again? Do you let desire rise up within you, knowing that it may later slam the gate shut? Or do you quiet its voice to hover in the mild space, the middle of the scale, in safety from the edges?

There is no right answer here. There is only what is living in you right now, which you may turn to, and welcome into conversation. The new moon in Gemini asks all this of us today, and to hold conversation with the forces of nature at work within us and in the world.

As a closing note I would like to share with you all that I have some very exciting changes coming in how I am structuring my practice. I am working now out of my new and beautiful long-term space, and as always over Skype. Beginning next month I will be increasing my rates for the first time in several years, but I will also be offering a series of treatment plans which will reduce the individual cost of readings. I very much look forward to being able to support you all better, and more fully through this new direction.

In love and moon darkness,



AuthorAerin Fogel