Dear moon babies,


Today is the new moon in Taurus. I hope you are able to take a few minutes this afternoon to sit outside and feel the grass on your bare feet, the air on your skin, the smell of the buds uncurling on the branches, and to witness the colour pouring out of the earth. And if you're not somewhere where you can do this, it's enough to just think of it. 


We are in an interesting astrological phase where both Mercury and Mars are retrograde right now. Mars retrograde, which began on April 17th and will last until the end of June, asks us to take a stand somewhere in our life. We are called to see where our lifeforce is being directed, and to redirect it back into what we believe in and what we feel deeply called to. If you notice during this retrograde that your lifeforce is all tangled up in something you don't want, then it's an opportunity for awareness. For we cannot really change something we are not first conscious of. 


With Mercury retrograde at the same time, there is a pause before action is taken. This is a time to see and observe where your lifeforce goes, how you honour your values, how you take care of your body, and whether or not you're enjoying yourself in the meantime. Because if nothing else, Taurus reminds us to find pleasure in even the simplest of experiences. And devoting our energy to what brings us pleasure leads us into a beautiful life. 


So pause now, to observe, and later we can all take action. Just like our breath, the rhythm of our lives always contracts before it expands. We can learn to honour both qualities equally though we live in a world that predominantly values expansion over contraction. 


One final consideration, as I recall the myth associated with Taurus, is the source of our own power. Where do we draw power from, as we walk deeper into the labyrinth of our experience? Does it come from within us, or do we use others for it? Are we connected to a sustainable source of power, that can nourish us without becoming depleted? Or are we temporarily sustained by something we know cannot last? And, what would it look like, feel like, taste like, to be our own source of power, while still remaining intimate with those we love? 


I wish you all a beautiful new moon. May you find the strength to know your power, your beauty, and to devote your lifeforce to what you truly value. 


In love and spring blossoms, 



AuthorAerin Fogel