Dear moon babies,


Tomorrow there is a new moon and solar eclipse in the sign of Pisces. The aspects surrounding this particular moon are strong, to say the least, and the eclipse will further intensify their strength. This is a powerful moon, though I'm sure you all already know that, and have felt it stirring in your circumstance. 


Please understand that a strong and powerful moon doesn't mean we'll all be taking trips to the underworld. Understand also, that if you are taking a trip to the underworld, there's great strength and power in your journey. 


One of the greatest gifts we receive from Pisces is the ability to surrender. This is not a time for taking charge and fighting back, it is a time for being awash in the river that carries you through your life, whether you think you are guiding it or not. The river that moves effortlessly around the curves you never saw coming, and delivers you south when you wanted to go north. The river that has no pause or rewind button, whose pace cannot be controlled, and whose end and eventual emptying into a greater lake is impossible to see.

Whether or not we like it, this is the journey. So trusting it becomes a radical act. Trust is a choice, and an incredibly complex and challenging choice at that. Trust is not a passive state; it is actively engaged with our circumstance. Trust means flowing through that river knowing that it's much longer and well-mapped than what your eye can see. Trust means listening to yourself even when no one else can hear you. Trust means making choices that represent your best understanding of what is true. Trust is not a passive state. But it is completely surrendered.  


The aspects of this moon to Chiron, Jupiter, and Saturn point me back to two universal truths that sit together. The first is that we will inevitably suffer in some way during our lifetime. And the second is that we are innately able to heal from suffering. No human is exempt, though it lives uniquely in each of us. 


May you remember, on this new moon, that you are fully capable of healing and restoring balance to whatever has happened along that river. Your body and soul know exactly what to do for healing to take place. Trusting that is one of the most radical choices you can make. 


The workshop I am leading with my dear friend Sarah Walton is soon approaching, and there are still a couple spaces left for those of you who are intending to join us. Relevant to this new moon, the workshop will explore how to bring healing to each of the seven archetypes that we all share as a collective. We will identify the different wounds that are created in each archetype and how we can return them to a place of wholeness. More information here:


Lastly, Silver River will be hosting a Spring Equinox gathering on the 20th, attendance by donation and all are welcome! And we are hosting Andrew Linnell up from Boston at the end of April to teach a workshop on technology's role in human evolution. We're very excited for him to be bringing this work here, and hope to have you join us. Details are on the website:


Much love and moon blessings to you all!



AuthorAerin Fogel