Dear Moon Babies,


Tonight is the new moon in Capricorn. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we have celebrated the winter solstice, and begun the long steady journey towards lighter and warmer days. 


As the calendar year ends I notice many friends and clients reflecting on how challenging this year has been. The personal stories are different, but there seems to be a common thread of life showing up differently from how we want or imagine it to be. I notice less commitment to idealism, and a certain level of resignation to what actually is, rather than what could or might be. 


This shift in perspective, while challenging and certainly less rose coloured, is a healthy transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn season. Things can no longer exist in our vision of them, it is now up to us to make them a reality. So this new moon is a good time to ask ourselves what we want to make real, and what we can do with our reality if it falls short of expectation. Capricorn is a doing sign, so we can use the next few weeks to plan, manage, and instigate change. It might be very small and it might be very slow, but Capricorn teaches us that we have a responsibility to take hold and take charge (maybe later, during Pisces season, we can take a nap. Capricorn takes no naps). 


How will you steward your life this year? The sun is reborn on winter solstice, and so in many ways our new year has already begun. With this new moon we see that our responsibility is not just to our own lives, but to the lives of those around us we love and to the lives of those further who may forever remain strangers. We have a responsibility to each other and our communities. We can be crushed and defeated under the sometimes painful reality of this responsibility, under the guilt of not doing enough, or we can take it step by step and do what we can, when we can, and love ourselves in the meantime. 


This is the delicate dance between hope and acceptance. 

Somewhere between them we find our rightful place in the world, and the commitment to take it step by step and see our work through to its completion. Hard as it may be, we can ask our loved ones to help us carry the load. The great downfall of Capricorn is the desire for utter self-sufficiency, when really, the task at hand is too tremendous to hold alone. 


May you find the strength this new moon to meet your work in the coming year head on. May you rise to the task of your responsibilities and not let their weight become burdensome. And may you not be alone in the journey. 


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In love and moon darkness,




AuthorAerin Fogel