Dear moon babies,


Tomorrow morning is the new moon in Sagittarius. 

I have been thinking a lot, these days, about hope. It is a fragile yet utterly indomitable feeling. What strikes me most (and most often) about humanity, is that people withstand the most horrific traumas and still have the will to hope again. To wake up in the morning, and see another day. History repeats itself and we hope for change and revolution. We face our patterns and hope for a new story. 


Hope lives strongest in the sign of Sagittarius. Don't forget that every person's chart is a wheel of the twelve signs. So we all have Sagittarius somewhere in our chart, and we all have hope somewhere in our lives. During Scorpio season we journeyed to the bottom of the well and we explored its unplumbable depths. We closed our eyes and swam through the shadows. We felt ourselves, we felt each other, and we let go of control and felt some more. But when we come to Sagittarius season, it is time to look up from the bottom of the well. It is time to hope that we are able to rise again, to come to the surface, to see the light of day. 


And it is no mistake that our season of hope comes just when the days grow shorter, the light wanes, and the cold whispers at our windows. For we need it now more than ever. We have less need for hope when the river of our lives runs smooth and warm, yet in times of great darkness and need it can be the only thing that encourages us to move forward, to keep going, to not give up. 


So dear moon babies, where do you need hope in your life? Are you still sitting at the bottom of that well? Do you have the strength to look up? Can you have courage to see, a little farther down the road, that things will always be different and new? The new moon tomorrow is a good time to sit with this and let yourself puff up with a little optimism. If it feels hard, ask a Sagittarian (they always have more than enough to go around). 


On a similar note, and in the name of this fiery sign, I am all fired up about announcing my new workshop, Through Firethat will be offered in February. This will be a facilitated and intimate initiation process in which participants work with and transform a life issue or question of their own choosing. This was born out of my own experience of initiation, a conscious practice that is often lost in a fast-paced world and yet has the ability to create thresholds that cut through time and space. Workshop space is limited so please register soon. More information is here.


Wishing you all the buoyant joy of hope and new direction. 


With love,




AuthorAerin Fogel