Dear moon babies,


Sunday is the new moon in Scorpio. I have been thinking a lot lately about the resurgence of the term 'witch' in more popular culture, a title that has long been associated with cruel misunderstanding, and is only just beginning to be reclaimed for the rightful power it represents. 


It is not for me to explain what a witch is, since I believe it means something different to everyone brave enough to claim its title, but Scorpio season is a good time to search for an experience of witchy mystery. Right now we can find clues in the ending of things, in the decay of the natural world, and in the expanse of twilight. What we see and observe around us can be a lens into the oceans of what is unseen but equally real, equally tangible if we are paying attention. 


This lens is the kind of vision that cannot be forced or at times even chosen. To look through it means to live in constant relationship with great mystery, to hold pain lovingly in your arms and climb into bed with it at night, to call in the death you need, to dance with pleasure, to let joy blur the edges of your own being, to blossom and decay with the seasons. It means allowing the unseen to inform your reality equally, if not more than, the seen world. It is at once an act of ultimate agency and total surrender. This lens is more often than not something that is handed down through circumstances that may seem insurmountable in the moment. Experiences that call us into the deep bone-rattling art of long and true transformation, lest we lose ourselves completely to the din of a world stricken with suffering. 


This is the new moon in Scorpio. It asks us to go deeper, to see beyond the seen, to straddle the worlds, and to live in relationship with mystery. We suffer when we cannot do this, and we suffer when we cannot let go of what is ready to decay in our lives. So consider what is ready to be let go of in your life, whether or not you understand it, and whether or not you know what will follow. This is the dance of mystery, to look through a different lens when you cannot see the way. This may be what the time of the witch means to you. 


I hope you all have a few moments tomorrow to reflect on the new moon. 


In love and moon darkness,




AuthorAerin Fogel