Dear moon babies,


Today is the new moon in Capricorn. It is a time to evaluate what we take responsibility for in our lives, and how we steward these responsibilities. It is the place in ourselves where we commit to taking something on, and push against the tides when obstacles arise in following through with these commitments. It is the time when we know what must be done and do it against all odds. It is also where we lead by example, where we inspire others to find right commitment by leaning into our own, and where leadership becomes something that is in service rather than for our own purposes. 


Alternately, it it where the shadow of a dominator culture can live most strongly if we don't commit to seeing it. Where leadership becomes power over others, where power feeds greed and fear, and where responsibility becomes overwhelming and burdensome. This new moon is a time to come back into right relationship with yourself, with your commitments that inspire and satisfy you, and with how you act in this world. Capricorn asks us to call up our greatest strength and deeper maturity to meet this task. And it is a task that can only take place slowly, over time, with one foot in front of the other. It is the kind of accomplishment that can only unfold in the long passage of time, and is not to be rushed. 


Allow yourself a few moments this evening to feel, for yourself, what this really means. I wish you all the satisfaction of wildly inspiring commitments along your path, and the patience to not feel burdened by them. 


I also want to share with you an upcoming Silver River workshop I will be co-facilitating with Sarah (Hamsa) Walton the first weekend in April. 

Healing Collective Stories is a look into the seven archetypes of humanity. These are the foundation for the core pattern readings, for those of you who have had one, or are interested in having one. This workshop is for anyone who wants to better understand themselves and their connection to humanity, as well as gain practical skills for healing the root of our repetitive patterns and suffering. Follow the link for more information, and I'm happy to answer any questions you have. Please share with those who may be interested.


Love and new moon blessings,




AuthorAerin Fogel