Dear moon babies,


In a few hours is the new moon in Virgo. Now that Venus has gone direct again, it is a time for us to assess what has been made bare before us in the past two months, and decide how we want to proceed. 

It may surprise you to realize that there are some very old parts of yourself you wish to carry forward. In a goal and progress-oriented world, we often miss the value of inner restoration and recycling. We assume that a new self is a better, more perfected self. Be aware, though, that under this belief system, you will never feel good enough. You will never slow your pace long enough to realize that the key to wholeness lies in who you already are, not who you must become. 

Let your forward path from here be one that integrates the path you have already walked. Let the path take the shape of a spiral, that draws you deeper inwards towards yourself, rather than a straight line that leads you away from yourself. Let it be enough. Let it repeat, again and again, and take on meaning by virtue of this repetition. Let your path be one that serves others but not from a place of smallness, let service not mean slavery, let it mean wholeness. Let it inspire wholeness in others. 

And then, remember that something as simple and inevitable as eggplant bouncing ripely to the ground in the yellow September sun is enough. And that it is so much. Remember that golden rod flourishing wildly down the train tracks in the last gasp of summer heat is dependable. Remember that the ground is still under your feet. Remember that it's all enough. 

If you would like to participate in remembering the simple cycles of the year, the next Silver River Institute event will be an autumn equinox ritual on Thursday September 24th at 7PM. Please join us at 663 Greenwood Avenue in Toronto, all are welcome. 

Here is the event information:

In love and wholeness,



AuthorAerin Fogel