Dear moon babies,


Tomorrow is the new moon in Leo. Have courage! Though the path may seem shaky right now, understand that you can feel the quaking earth only because you have been able to walk this far in the first place. 


This is a particularly powerful moon because of the Venus retrograde phase happening. Venus has disappeared from the night sky, and is below the earth now, in the underworld. Where do we turn our passion for beauty when Venus is not there to guide us? As the story goes, she passes through the seven gates of the underworld, which are so narrow that she must leave behind all she has in order to fit through them. She arrives, naked and unarmed, to help her sister Persephone, who instead kills her and hangs her on a meat hook for three days. 


Venus will be on the meat hook this weekend. And so this new moon is less about setting intentions and beginning something new, and more about witnessing something at the very core of our beings. The part of ourselves that knows this journey to the underworld, and yes, it lives in us all somewhere. 

We cannot change this journey or bargain our way out of it. We cannot rationalize away the pain that it touches on. We cannot compare it to another, or trade it for something else. The greatest gift you can give yourself right now is acceptance. For if you are sliding through those gates with your teeth clenched, hanging onto the one that's come before, you are only fighting against yourself. If you can stand to accept the descent you have made, you will harness a new kind of strength. It is one that comes from holding suffering and loss while also being completely held in the arms mercy, mercy that aligns itself through a deep acceptance. 

Acceptance does not have to be peaceful. It does not have to be joyful, or comprehensive, or complete. It can be messy, raw, and furious. Acceptance includes everything that you cannot accept. If this is part of your picture, if you witness this as well as you witness your passion and brightness, you are finding wholeness. Wholeness that integrates the whole spectrum of your being, not just the aspects that live closest to the surface. 

So tomorrow on the new moon, if there is any intention at all, let it be the intention to witness what is truly in your heart. It may not be what you want. It may not be what feels good. It may be so filled with desire you can hardly stand to look at it. Let this time of the lion give you the strength and courage to see it all, and to be with it all. It is only this witnessing that allows Venus to leave the underworld and return to her rightful place in the heavens. And may it be so for you. 

With underworldly love,



AuthorAerin Fogel