Dear moon babies,


Tomorrow at 9:24PM EST is the new moon in Cancer. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, I always think of the Cancer new Moon as marking the height of abundance from our beautiful earth. The soil is rich, the rains are falling, the plants are blossoming and strengthening, and the rivers are flowing freely. It is a sign that is about meeting our needs because it falls under a season that is truly rich and nourishing. In the Southern hemisphere, in winter, it asks us to make space in our homes to nourish ourselves in a different, more internally oriented way. This is Cancer in its most balanced expression. 


This particular new Moon challenges that balance, however. We are instead seeing a world that has lost the will to nourish its communities. And in this we are asked to revision those will forces to include sensitivity rather than override it. We cannot have compassion for the needs of others without sensitivity. Our will can act in service, rather than acting only for the self. 

We are also asked to find the beautiful balance of action that comes from both thought and emotion. When are actions are disconnected from either of these, they become dangerous or dissociative, but in balance they become effective and compassionate.  

It is really only our own unconscious that holds us back from this balance, because we have taken up the belief that we lack the power, or perhaps the right to the power, that comes from such a rich expression of ourselves. On one side of this struggle we are insensitive and controlling, and on the other, we are terrifyingly vulnerable. So we are now deeply responsible for transforming the old paradigms that have contributed to this collective imbalance. 

Meanwhile, we are bursting at the seams against the walls of our own self-imposed limitations. With all this fire in the cosmos we are seeing love, beauty, and thriving community. But we are also seeing too much fire on the ground (see forest fires on the west coast), jealousy, and quick tempers. So though it may feel like your own inspiration is hitting a brick wall right now, it's actually an opportunity to slow down and clean up the mess that has been left behind, the ashes burned up in the fire's wake. 

And lastly, because it is the new Moon in Cancer, after all, we are encouraged to celebrate the gift of abundance that so many of us on the planet have the privilege of enjoying, and extend these gifts to nurture people and communities of less privilege. 

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Venus workshop and Silver River ceremony on Sunday. If you would still like to attend there is a bit of space, please let us know soon.

In love and moon darkness,



AuthorAerin Fogel