Dear moon babies, 


We are about to enter the new moon in Taurus. And tomorrow, Mercury will go retrograde. Slow down. Breath. Take your shoes off and go walk outside in the dirt - feel the soft, cool earth under your feet. 


I make a lot of jokes about the frustration of moving at 'human speed,' and we'll just say it's not my preferred speed. But this moon on the edge of the retrograde is really about the pleasure rather than the limitation of human speed, the bliss of slowness, simplicity, and sensuality. The joy of a whole day stretching ahead without plans, without technology, with food you have made and tasted yourself, with flowers on every surface, the buds on the branches grazing your arm as you walk past, the confident certainty of your own body when your mind is quiet enough to feel it, the feeling of dancing, of moving, of scrubbing the floor, of sculpting thoughts into poetry, of sculpting sounds into melody, of eating two desserts in one day (or three, I don't mind), the joy of your own company, the calm of stasis, of equilibrium, of groundedness. This is the intention, this is the practice. Sit under a tree and sing. Or be silent. Eat dinner by a river. Or take a nap. Listen, listen, listen, to what is under your own silence, the strength of knowing that lives in each of us. 


Venus doing her thing

Venus doing her thing

I am also overjoyed to offer more news about the Silver River Metaphysical Institute, which as I shared with you all back in March, I am a part of launching. You may have noticed Venus shining brightly in the western sky just after sunset. On July 25th she will go retrograde toward the Sun until she disappears under the horizon, and weeks later, resurfaces on the other side as the morning star in the east. Her journey through the sky is a deeply significant and symbolic process of the archetypal feminine journeying to the underworld. This particular Venus retrograde is happening in a part of the sky that symbolizes a possible return of the goddess that has not occurred in thousands of years. 


The Silver River team will be hosting a ceremony to inaugurate the Institute, in connection with the Venus retrograde. To hear about the connection between the two, you will just have to join us! This is an incredibly momentous occasion and I am so excited to share the Institute with you all. My teacher, Julie Simmons, will be offering a free, short workshop first to help attendees investigate the significance of Venus' journey in their personal lives, and afterwards we will share a ceremony and potluck for Silver River. This will be the Institute's first official workshop, and we have several in the planning stages for autumn. Please let me know if you would like to join so we can prepare a chart and hold space for you. 


This will take place on Sunday July 19th in Toronto, at Artisan's at Work on the Danforth near Woodbine. The workshop will start at 12:30PM, followed by the ceremony and a potluck afterwords. You are welcome to join for any or all of the three, but please let us know in advance. Here is the link again to the website if you would like to read about the Institute:


I am fully back in the swing of things in Toronto for those of you who were still waiting for me to return to receive a reading. Hope to see you at the space! Wishing you all a slow, gentle, and joyful moon and retrograde. 


With love,




AuthorAerin Fogel