Dear moon babies,


Saturday at 2:57PM EST is the new moon in Aries. This is an auspicious moon every year because it is the first new moon in the first sign of the zodiac. We have so many opportunities for new beginnings (in every moment, really), and this is certainly one of them. 


With this moon we can take a moment to decide who we want to be, now, in this moment, while forgiving who we have been in the past and releasing any expectation of who we may be in the future. It is utterly without attachment. It is the wild abandon and passion of being fully alive in this moment, here. It is the ability to take up space, unapologetically, and speak uninhibitedly. It is revolution. It might mean war. It might mean facing the blatant voice of our own insecurities. It might mean seeing our shame as alive as a fire. Be careful where and with whom you choose to go to war, though. Remember that you are setting intentions now for who you want to be, and that rawness, authenticity, and strength do not have to mean anger and reactivity. 


This moon is also like the final few inches of a birth canal. It has taken all your strength and energy to push yourself down this canal in the past while, and you are about to emerge. But you're not quite there yet. You're about to breathe in the sharp scent of air, to feel the cool moss of spring under your skin, to taste the greens springing from the earth in abundance, to be fully embodied and at rest. But you're not quite there yet. Your intention is an important part of the last few stages of the process; nothing is too late, nothing has slipped by you, there is still time to choose and choose again how you will emerge. 

I am also delighted to let the East Coasters know that I will be in Toronto very soon. I am already scheduling sessions for the end of the month and the beginning of May, so please let me know if you would like to book one. Looking forward to working in person with you. 

Love and fiery strength,



AuthorAerin Fogel