Dear moon babies,

Very early in the morning on Friday is the new moon in Pisces, followed by a total solar eclipse just minutes later. Just after that, the sun will move into the constellation of Aries, marking the birth of a new year and another spiral around the zodiac. 

This leaves us with the beautiful lesson of paradox. The new moon is a time of setting intention, redirecting our course, and planting a seed. Yet this moon is occurring in the last of the 360 degrees of the whole zodiac, the oldest and most ready degree for capitulation, the degree that is the fleeting moment before a water droplet evaporates and dissipates. Amidst this all is the weighty intensity of the eclipse. 

How can we live with complete newness and innocence in the areas of our life that are frayed with age and wisdom? This moon asks us to reach into the ocean of our swirling unconscious and stand for a moment in stillness. To be unwavering seaweed at the darkened bottom of the ocean. 

We are also asked to learn through our longing. This moon, this degree, is so close to zero, to completion and wholeness and singularity, yet it is not quite there. So easily we are lost in our own reaching for the places we are not quite, the places that we long for so strongly we can almost taste them, and yet we never land fully into them. We are already reaching elsewhere. When you wake in the morning, take some time in stillness to restore presence to the places you long. To be fully embodied in the now even as you tumble over the threshold of each new experience. 

I wish you all strong seaweedy love and absolute presence. 




AuthorAerin Fogel