Dear moon babies,


Today at 6:47PM EST is the new moon in Aquarius. It will complete a series of intense new moons that we've been having since the fall, and lead us just to the edge of Pisces, washing away the old skin of the year into the ocean before a new birth.


This is the moon of quantum possibility, of the indeterminate state between wave and particle. Humming in that state, we embody all of our potential that has not yet been actualized. This means that this new moon is about choosing what we want to actualize, with the very deep and very real understanding that the possibilities are infinite, and not mutually exclusive. The perception that we are bound to something that has already been determined is now, more than ever, an illusion. 



We are also asked to understand that indecision is a decision. While we vibrate halfway between wave and particle (or when we remain in the infinite possibility), we never leap forward into manifestation. While first we understand that all is possible, we must then use our will forces to actualize some of that possibility. Aquarius asks us to build a road map for the future, one that includes all of humanity in a balanced relationship that we have yet to see appear in this era. Everyone wants to fit into the frame. The animals and tiny beings do too. While often this sign can become lost in an ideal that is remote from reality, the doorway is open today to grab hold of the infinite and funnel it into your experience. There is no vision too elusive. 

Minutes after the moon, the Sun will move into the sign of Pisces and our entire landscape will change. I hope you are all able to take a moment today, right at the new moon, to exist in the quantum state and in the understanding of what is possible. There is a danger, however, in becoming fixated on what we want when we know it can be anything. So allow yourself to reach the threads of experience that are beyond even what you can comprehend at this time. Find the delicate balance that exists between activating your will forces and surrendering all control. 

And lastly, in my own state of possibility, please continue to vote every hour for my fiction piece in the Broken Pencil competition if you can, and recruit other clickbots alongside you! Very grateful for your support.

Wishing you all a beautiful expanse into the infinite, if only for a moment.

In love and moon darkness,



AuthorAerin Fogel