Dear moon babies,


Today is the new moon in Sagittarius. This moon reminds us that in moments of great despair, hope is still possible. That hope is actually inevitable in the places where it seems least likely to be found. 


I am amazed, again and again, at the sheer will force of a person to survive. To pick themselves up after illness, displacement, abuse, and the most extreme and unimaginable traumas, and to keep going. This will force exists in every sign in the zodiac, of course, because it is shared among humanity, but right now I am reminded of it during Sagittarius season. I am reminded of hope. 


On the eve of this new moon of hope Canada welcomed the first flight of Syrian refugees. Sagittarius the archer aims high in its vision for humanity, beyond borders and divisions. It offers us the possibility of raising our awareness and our perspective to a more connected, more loving world full of joy, passion, inspiration, and all of that Sagittarian goodness. Sagittarius is also a sign of migration, and it is fitting for those of us here in Canada and those migrating here to be having this welcome on the new moon. 

As with any sign though there is a shadow side here. This arises when we run away with our hopeful vision and lose sight of what actually is. When possibility and inspiration replace manifest reality. Here, we are unable to slow down, unable to accept our circumstance, and unable to see the underbelly that lives always beneath hope and joyful human spirit. 

Practice marrying the two, today on the new moon, and whenever it feels apt. Let what IS inform what could be, rather than the other way around. Let us in Canada receive our new friends with welcome, yet not losing sight of the tremendous trauma and displacement that has taken place. Let hope not override vulnerability. Let the vision of a possible future not erase the challenges that are with us now. let them instead integrate and move forward together. 

May you all find hope in the darkest corners! Please also join me and the Silver River Institute in celebrating the Solstice, where we will work with this theme of finding inspiration in the dark. Sunday December 20th at 7PM. 

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Love and moon darkness,



AuthorAerin Fogel