Dear moon babies,


Tomorrow is the new moon in Scorpio. If you have come for a reading with me and have planets in Scorpio, you've likely heard me say that I think it's one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac. At least, it is right now, in Western culture, and in mainstream thought. It is possible to shift this thinking though, and with it, our own capacity for depth and transformation. 


You may have been feeling the slow fog of Scorpio season descending these past few weeks. In the Northern Hemisphere the plant cycles are ending, the compost is setting, and the earth is preparing for her deep winter sleep. During this time, all of the jubilant colours, matter, and nutrients of the harvest time will slowly infuse their way back through the dark soil and into the water table, where they will in turn be drawn upwards by the roots that search lower, beneath the frozen surface. This is the power of Scorpio season, and the new moon approaching. 


The strength here comes in being able to let go. To give over the dying harvest so it can be processed, transmuted, and revealed as a completely altered substance. What can you let go of, now, on this new moon? What can you give over to the dark soil and the underground pulse of the water table, so that it can be later drawn on by new roots? We don't have to know what these new roots will be. We don't have to know what substance will come, eventually, from what is now dying off in our lives. We only have to give it over. 

Do not misunderstand what you see on the surface of the Scorpios in your life. Think of the earth, peacefully sleeping under the snow, and think of the layers that run deeply underground that cannot be seen, where utter transformation is at work. Know that it's at work where you can't see it with the naked eye. If you are a Scorpio, know that it's at work within you, even when you yourself can't see it. And know that since we all have the 12 signs of the zodiac in our charts, this is at work somewhere in your life.  

I hope you find a chance tomorrow, on the time of the new moon, to choose to give something over that is ready to die off in your life and let it be transmuted into something still unknown. I hope you find the strength in your roots to draw from the water table, and to shift the cultural perceptions that prevent us from recognizing the beauty of this sign. 

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With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel