Dear moon babies,


Tomorrow morning at 8:14AM EST is the new moon in Aquarius. Time to get weird!

Take a moment to reset your ideals, your standards, your higher values. Aquarius offers us the opportunity to step back and observe the bigger picture, then step back again and observe the even bigger picture. Then possibly to realize there is an ultimate picture so big it is beyond our ability to understand. But through this stepping back, through the process of observation and the practice of detachment (without dissociation, mind you), we find a perspective that is otherwise lost when we are so caught up in doing and feeling. This perspective, and the ideals we hold, are like a horizon line; it is our work to journey towards it, but we must understand that every time we take a step it moves a step further away. We are not meant to reach the horizon line itself and be done with it all, but that doesn't mean we should sit and do nothing and despair over the the thought that the horizon won't be reached. We must embrace it as an expanse, something that grows in strength every time we move towards it. Yet we must also understand that in moving towards it, we only begin to understand the insurmountability of the distance. The danger with Aquarius comes when we believe we (and everyone else for that matter) should fulfill our own perfect ideals. This can lead us down the path of dissociation and perfectionism, because we prevent ourselves from savouring the journey itself. 


We might also take a moment to assess whether our ideals are connected to our communities, or whether they are primarily self-motivated. Aquarius asks us to hold the perspective that if one person in the community is struggling, we are all struggling. This is oneness, in the basic day-to-day sense of the word. And we're not talking about the unbridled evaporating cosmic oneness right now, we're talking about banding together in the places we live to support each other in meeting our basic human needs. We're talking about kindness. We're talking about compassion. We're talking about the bigger picture that is beyond your own personal day-to-day life. 


On Wednesday, Mercury will also go retrograde in the sign of Aquarius until February 11th. Planets do not actually move backwards, they only appear to in the sky from our perspective on Earth because of the differently shaped orbits. This is a beautiful time for quiet, solitary activities. Pull out your journal, or that short story you never finished three years ago. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish when Mercury goes direct, but don't start on the list until then. Clean the house. Make a list of how you can help empower your community. Pause on any big decisions. Make a grocery list. Knit some rainbow socks (very Aquarian). Above all else, listen. Listen to your thoughts, but mostly to what is beyond them, in the space between them, in the stillness. Listen to the sound of compassion. 


With love and perspective,



AuthorAerin Fogel