Dear moon babies, 

Happy autumn equinox! We stand on a threshold now. Half the world moves into darkness and half the world moves in light. Isn't that a beautiful balance? In this we can trust that as we explore one end of experience, we are carried by the ever-shifting collective as it explores the other end. Together we make just one cosmic miasma. 

Tonight, or technically in the wee hours of the early morning for those of us in Toronto, is the new moon in Libra. And it is all about this balance. Some of us gathered on Sunday for the Libra workshop and discussed what it means to find balance. It is not just about a recognition of all available perspectives, as some may think. A true balance calls for a marriage of love and wisdom, of heart and mind. Take a moment to consider how you respond to society. Perhaps the real imbalance that exists is an over-concern with propriety, with appearances, and with acting correctly. And so often we don't act at all. We meld into a projected appearance that seems more digestible. 

Isis is pretty good at balancing

Isis is pretty good at balancing


So I am calling on your hearts to come forward! How can we balance our raw, instinctual, desires and nature with our rational intellect? How can we integrate our inner animal selves into civilization? How can we respond from a balance of love and wisdom? I always find it interesting that the time of Libra begins when we deepen our descent into darkness in the northern hemisphere. It betrays a depth to Libra that we may sometimes forget. It also betrays a belief system that fails to support this level of depth. 


I wish you both love and wisdom on this tightrope balance of a new moon. I will also be writing monthly horoscopes for Fashion Magazine online starting October 1st if you need an extra astrology boost! 


Love and moon darkness,



AuthorAerin Fogel