Hello moon babies,

Tomorrow morning at 10:13AM if you are in my time zone is the new moon in Virgo. For those of us who gathered at the Vast Virgo Venture up on the farm, we learned that we are crossing a threshold. 

All around us here in the Western hemisphere the earth is changing. We extract plants that we consider to be weeds so that we can cultivate the growth of what we know to be nourishing. We harvest the plants that have worked hard to grow over these past months. And we sort, store, and prepare for the inevitable death and transformation of the next season. 

We stand at the doorway to a threshold, in our season, on the planet, and within ourselves. And how do we cross this threshold? Many of us never receive the gift of ritual and guidance when we pass from one expression of our being to the next. In birth, death, and marriage we hold ceremony, but often lose sight of its purpose. And what about puberty? What about the completion of one phase and the beginning of another one? What about the moments when we choose to let go of a limitation that no longer serves us, and surrender into rebirth? These thresholds are not only an opportunity to grow as humans, but to bring the Divine into moments of human experience. In this meeting of worlds we serve all of humanity. We crack open the fissure that divides the mundane and the sacred, and we assimilate the gifts of experiences past as we step across that threshold. 


Take a moment tomorrow, when the new moon hits, to consider the threshold you are walking across in your life right now. Or still, the threshold that humanity is walking across as a collective, in the larger context of our cosmos. Explore the power of ritual, in any way it speaks to you, as the vehicle that sees you through this transition. As the container into which the sacred lands. 

I wish you love and support in your individual and collective transitions!

xo Aerin

AuthorAerin Fogel