Hello moon babies,

It's been some time since my last moon mail as I spent the previous new moon without technology at a wonderful leadership conference in upstate New York, celebrating the bursting nourishment of Cancer season. 

I return now to celebrate with you the life-giving force of this new moon in Leo, Saturday evening at 6:42PM if you are in my time zone. We all have an opportunity to appreciate this life's adventure, and the path that brings us deeper into love. What is love? Why do we seek it? And why do we forget that we already have the thing we seek? Leo prompts us to ask these questions, and instead of needing to find immediate answer and understanding, to continue the wild journey of the question itself. 

Also at this time we can ask ourselves whether our experience of love comes from the heart or the ego. We have all constructed personalities that to some extent guarantee us a certain amount of love in this world - they are the personalities that receive praise, recognition, and appreciation, essential supports in the theme of Leo. But in this, only the constructed personality, or the ego, is validated. And the heart still seeks that for which it longs. So we must be brave enough to find the kind of love that is beyond ego, beyond external validation, and beyond conditions. The kind of love that is not about praise or power. And we must ask ourselves what we can do to bring ourselves deeper into living this love, and follow that call wherever it leads us. 

This is a path of healing, but a different kind of healing from other similarly inclined signs in the zodiac. Leo's healing is about wild risk, wide open self-expression, and fearless fierce love free of strings and conditions. 

I wish you an experience of this kind of true love on the moon, in the heart of the sun's season. 

AuthorAerin Fogel