Hello moon babies,

The intensity of the past couple months is now settling into the wonder and delight of Gemini season. Now it's time for us to explore and have fun! 

Tomorrow at 2:40PM EDT is the new moon in Gemini. In the true spirit of this sign, there are so many things I want to tell you, so much information to disseminate, and so many ideas about how to hold this moon. Let yourself travel through and explore the extremes of your own experience. Don't be afraid to dip down into Hades one moment and spring up to Mount Olympus the next. If we know one thing of Gemini, we know change, and so you needn't fear the places your are led in the knowledge that moments later you will find yourself somewhere completely different. Be detailed, be curious, and be the very thing of transition.

Gemini corresponds with the mind. We have an opportunity on this moon to set an intention for how our mind journeys through the day, and how we connect or do not connect the other aspects of ourselves to our mind. If we give space, stability, and comfort to our physical and emotional bodies while the mind runs its scattered cycle of thoughts, perhaps we will find our minds are less anxious or fractured, and in extremes find balance. Only in the need to control or contain the spontaneity of this sign can we create chaos.


And, take a moment to make choices about what kind of communication you would like to have with others. Are you a compulsive communicator? Are you reactive? Are you critical? The path to peace starts with a simple word of kindness, a moment to observe the mind before the mouth has spoken the words. 

Some of us had a delightful time cultivating our projects at the Gemini Think Tank. Please reserve the date of Friday June 20th for the Cancer evening if you would like to attend. More details on that to follow. 

I wish you many goofy gemini giggles.




AuthorAerin Fogel